Metro Overzealousness: Gov Ambode Bans VIO From the Streets of Lagos



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Governor Akinwumi Ambode has ordered that Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) should leave the streets of Lagos following massive complaints from the public.

According to sources, the governor is tired of the complaints from the public on the officers.

“The story on a painter, whose car got burnt in VIO’s custody, caused a discreet investigation into the activities of the outfit and I can tell you that the report was not palatable," someone familiar with the matter said.

“Apart from this, complaints about the overzealousness of some VIO men have reached a high level.”

Ambode reportedly said he would not tolerate any highhandedness in his administration before ordering the VIOs out of Lagos roads "until further notice."

However, a VIO source said the governor told them to leave the roads and go on ‘compulsory retraining on the use of modern technology in order to be humane in dealing with the public,’ adding that the VIOs would be back on the road soon.


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