Pass CompTIA Certification Exams on First Try – Tips for IT Specialists to Study

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is the organization which offers you IT certifications. As an IT professional you must be planning to opt for an IT certification as this will open up multiple opportunities for you in the IT sector, such as better job, high salary package, etc. However, earning an IT certification is a Herculean job. Perhaps that is why so many people fail to pass the IT certification exams. The first mistake that most of you commit is your lack of understanding about the IT certification which you are planning to attain. Keeping this in mind here some of the important points have been discussed to help you plan your career path within CompTIA certification program and succeed in obtaining in required credential.

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What are CompTIA Certifications?

CompTIA provides the IT certifications of different levels and target a different segment of IT professionals, such as the ones working on network security, cloud etc. These certifications validate your skills and knowledge in the IT sector and help you acquire a good job in any reputed IT organization. You can also seek a job anywhere across the globe as these certifications are globally recognized. CompTIA offers you a variety of vendor-neutral certifications such as A+, Network+, Security+ among many others.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Fc0-u51

Before taking a look at the abovementioned certifications, let’s start from the very first one pre-career IT Fundamentals+ credential which defines either IT career suits you or not. This certification is the ideal variant if you are not a technical specialist but would like to try yourself in the sphere of IT or simply to change the career you are having now. Here you’ll get the basic skills referred to PC functionality, software installation, basic networking and security. You need to take two exams, one of which is FC0-U51.

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What Does CompTIA A+ Certification Mean?

If you search the entry-level job in IT, A+ certification is what you need. A+ certification is the certification offered by CompTIA. This certification was started in 2011 and after every three years it must be take up again and the candidates need to retake A+ exam again.

CompTIA A+ certification is the basic certification that any IT professional, such as a technician or a budding IT engineer can opt for. This certification ascertains that you have the knowledge to install, maintain and operate any Personal Computer (PC). CompTIA A+ credential is quite popular among the professionals who have just entered the IT industry and are willing to boost their career. Interestingly, this certification by CompTIA has become necessary for many IT organizations. Even International Business Machines (IBM) also hires people having CompTIA A+ certification. In fact, this is only big and famous non-vendor-specific hardware certification, which is compatible with the computer systems of IBM.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam 220-901

There are two exams that one must pass in order to earn CompTIA A+ certification - CompTIA A+ 220-901 and CompTIA 220-902. The questions that are asked in these two exams are MCQs. Both these exams 220-901 and 220-902 were launched in 2015. The former one deals with the network connectivity problems and how to resolve the hardware issues. Here your experience in managing PC and mobile hardware, peripherals, networking, etc. is assessed.

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CompTIA A+ Certification Exam 220-902

However, in the latter one, your experience in installation and configuration of Windows Operating System is measured. Your knowledge in handling issues related to the cloud computing, Linux Operating System, iOS, Apple OS X, and Android are also analyzed. You also need to demonstrate your skills in the operational procedures.

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CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 Exams Details

To pass A+ 220-901 one should score 675 on a scale of 900, while 220-902 is 700 from 900. The maximum questions asked in both exams is 90 each and the duration of the exam is 1 hour 30 minutes. The cost of both the exams is $211 each exam, respectively. Most of the candidates who apply in these two exams- 220-901 and 220-902 have at least nine to 12 months of experience. You must remember that these exams are performance-based. Therefore, you need to have clarity about the core concepts. With VCE Player from Avanset and exam dumps from ExamSnap you can easily revise the learnt material, as this software simulates the real exam environment and you can check your final results and find the gaps to fill in your knowledge.

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CompTIA Network+ Certification

After you receive A+ certification, and your aim is to get more knowledge and skills in networking to make a career of Network Field Technician or System Engineer, you opt for Network+ credential. It testifies that you are skillful enough to create and manage functional networks, operate main network devices, are able to troubleshoot networking problems. To get this credential, efficient preparation is essential. For that you can use VCE Software designed by Avanset developers that open VCE files and will help you to check how prepared you are for the certification exam.

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CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam N10-007

To get CompTIA Network+ certification exam, you need to pass two exams, one of which is N10-007 exam. It covers the questions related to best virtualization techniques, cloud computing practices, security concepts and skill set that keeps the network active. There are a number of websites that offer N10-007 braindumps for exam preparation, but your task is to choose the reliable one, such as ExamSnap.

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CompTIA Security+ Certification

To boost your career and make a path in security is almost impossible without Security+ certification. If you have gained Network+ credential or you have two years of experience in IT administration that deals with security tasks, you are on the right path. The certification requires the knowledge of network security concepts, threats, access control and abilities to deal with them and many more issues, that refer to security domain. VCE Player from ExamSnap will help you take practice tests to check whether you are ready for CompTIA Security+ certification exam. The tool is the best one, as it offers a number of options that systematize your exam preparation. Thus, you take the test in the real exam environment, that saves your time at the exam, then you can see your results and track the areas you need to strengthen, you practice different question types, and even can convert vce files to pdf.

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CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Exam

To practice SY0-501 test you need to find vce files and download VCE Testing Engine. Then, check if the file covers all the exam objectives and includes the necessary exam questions. Start practicing, choosing the mode and pace that suits you. Check your results in the end and see the topics that need to be studied thoroughly. Add more vce files to create your own SY0-501 exam to practice one more time and revise the learnt material. Thus, VCE Testing Engine is your real helper that makes exam preparation easy, convenient and efficient.

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How to Pass CompTIA A+ Certification Exams?

As of now, you must have understood the importance of CompTIA certification exams FC0-U51, 220-901, 220-902, N10-007, SY0-501 and why you must to clear them.

Passing them requires many dedication, hard work, and smart work from your end. By hard work here it means to give importance to self-study and by smart work, it means to select a platform that offers you different materials for the preparation of the exams. These are:

Study Guides

You must look for study guides for CompTIA certification exams, as these will cover all the topics related to the exams. This will clear all doubts from your mind related to fundamental concepts.

Exam Dumps

You should also opt for reliable websites that offer valid exam dumps for the exam preparation. These exam dumps can be of different formats, such as pdf, .ete., vce. But your task is to find the most valid and updated ones, which contain actual questions and answers that give you an insight of the actual exam and help you understand the difficulty level of the exam. ExamSnap platform is right the one you need.

Exam Testing Engine

Another interesting thing is Exam Testing Engine that let you experience the real exam environment so that you can have a better performance in the actual exam. It helps you improve your timing to solve all the questions. This way you are able to complete the exam within the stipulated time. On ExamSnap you will find vce exam files that can be opened on VCE Player- a modern technical tool to be prepared perfectly for your CompTIA certification exams.

IT Training Courses

You can also find tutorials on the CompTIA exams at ExamSnap. These training courses will enhance your knowledge and skills, thereby helping you to perform in the best way possible in the main exam.


No matter which goal you set, either to launch a career in IT or to get a credential of a higher level, proper preparation is what you need first of all. Getting valid exam dumps, video tutorials and necessary information at ExamSnap, you will easily pass CompTIA certification exams and succeed in your career prospects and salary expectations.