Patience Jonathan Locks Down Abuja

The Nigerian First lady, Patience Jonathan locked down Abuja for most of Thursday with a mass rally and carnival which she said is organised to take stock of the increased empowerment of Nigerian women and the quest for peace.

The Rally was organised by the National Council of Women Societies (NCWS) in collaboration with the office of the First Lady of the Federation.

It is a general belief that the Rally is part of the ongoing underground campaign for President G.E Jonathan's 2015 presidential bid.

Women from different parts of the country have been arriving in Abuja since yesterday night and they all converged in Eagles Square garbed in wrappers with pictures of the President on them.

The occasion was also attended by some female members of Pres. Jonathan's Cabinet, members of the National Assembly and some women leaders. The wife of the Vice President, Amina Sambo was also present.

The crowd coupled with the massive security detail including soldiers and helicopters caused traffic gridlock as a major road was closed for several hours.View attachment 241 View attachment 241
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is she done with mourning already?
Bolanle Akanji

Bolanle Akanji

she needs to campaign for 2015. that's more important:rolleyes:
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