Politics PDP - A Cabal Is Now Running Nigeria

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP on Wednesday raised alarm that a cabal has taken over the Presidency due to President Muhammadu Buhari's ill health.


Dayo Adeyeye, spokesperson of the Ahmed Makarfi-led committee of the party said this would not have happened in a saner clime.

''We sympathise with the President on his health and we pray that God will lay His hands on him. However, it is now certain that the country in now being ruled by a cabal. Members of the cabal are not known.

''Who is in charge of the country now? We don’t know. Nigeria is now on auto pilot. We don’t know who is rocking the country and who exactly is churning out orders or exercising the executive powers of the President anymore.

“This can’t happen in saner climes. We have a President who has not been seen in public for some days and the government is not worried.”
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