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Politics PDP Women Want All Deputy Governorship Slots Reserved For Them



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The People Democratic Party (PDP) Women Leader, Kwara Central Zone, Hajia Kuburat Abdullateef, has called on the party to reserve deputy-governorships slots in all states, for women, to ensure gender balance in key political positions.

Abdullatef made the call in Ilorin on Sunday at the launching of Kwara Central Zone’s Women Wing of the party.

She also called on the party to work out an arrangement that would give women 35 per cent of Council chairmanship, Vice Chairmanship, Councillorship, Commissionership and Ministerial positions.

Hajia Abdullateef said formation of the PDP Women Wing was informed by the under representation of women at all levels of decision-making in Nigeria.

She lamented the relegation of women to the background in the socio-political and economic spheres of the country in spite of their numerical voting strength and enormous contributions to the National GDP.

"Women have combined children’s up-bringing with office duties, feeding the family as well as pleasing the husbands to ensure domestic and national security, even as they are being sidelined in terms of education, job opportunities and welfare,” she added.

She said that the gesture of making nomination and intent forms free for women interested in contesting was part of efforts by the PDP to ensure the inclusion of women in all national affairs.

Others who spoke at the occasion, noted that in spite of women being better managers of affairs, they were still considered instruments to be used and dumped.




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Quite counterintuitive.

In this day and age where feminism is force-fed everyone trying to peacefully read anything, why should we give women these positions, not out of merit, but by rigging it in such a way that they get the positions?

If women want to be equal to men so bad, they should be ready to fight like a man and seize the glorious positions for Sparta. All's fair in love, war and equal gender rights.

How are women being relegated? We have women contesting deputy governorship slots all the time. And some actually win. I do not see the problem.

Oh, that's right. They want ALL deputy governors to be women.

Is politics a dirty game? Sure. Do you need your fair share of sleight-of-hand tricks, shadows-and-daggers to get ahead? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean men have relegated women to the background. Politics in Nigeria has a skill-set that is not for the faint of heart.

It's all a matter of which came first: the unwritten law that women can't participate in politics, or the brawn-limit barricading the less dextrous? I vote on the latter. We have women in politics, so we couldn't possibly be 100% chauvinistic.

If you can't beat them, after all, join 'em!

Instead of tilting (and that's an understatement) the scale in favor of women, it's more reasonable to say 'let's revamp the whole political landscape in Nigeria so it's easy for anyone, for everyone who's even mildly interested in running for a position.'

But then again, we don't just want 'anyone' to rule us. We want the best man for the job to win. The current socio-cultural template usually work to ensure just that, even though we may agree that 'best' in Nigeria's case is synonymous to the 'best puller of strings.'

What women need to do is, instead of asking for things on a platter, study to show themselves approved. Perhaps it's just me, but I have NEVER voted for anyone simply on the basis of his/her gender, but on their perceived competence for the contested role.

If few women are coming out on top politically, it stands to reason that their curriculum vitae doesn't compare with their male counterparts'. Are we then saying we should water down the skill set for the position? Nay. Rather, interested candidates need to go for a masters' degree and pick up some volunteer work and apply within the next decade.
I have always tried to maintain my spot in the centre of the gender circle; neither lifting the male candidates on my shoulder nor caressing the spine of the females blindly. Rather, I say: "Let the playing field be made open to all candidates; with gender taking the back seat. I do not believe the antidote to the venom that had crippled my dear nation lies in giving one gender under advantage over the other - the solution lays in the individual's record, philosophy and will to forge ahead in the face of Satanic oppression/temptation. of course, some start well; speaking loudly about how much they cannot stand corruption but we all know the story of Reuben Abati and his once-upon-a-time zero tolerance for corruption. So, to the women, feel free to step into the circle and convince the people that you are what they need (not necessarily by stomach infrastructure). Let them see it and make them feel it but of course, Nigeria's history has shown how responsible, loving and protective of the masses politicians are during their campaigns so then again, it all boils down to your political leaning and how well you understand the game called Nigerian politics... I rest my case!


Some women are just lazy and they have this silly entitlement mentality. They remember gender equality when it suits their purpose and discard it the moment the task gets ugly. In my opinion, they should all slug it on the battlefield, after all what a man can do a woman can do better.