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    Mr Henry Umoh, a furniture dealer in Lagos is now battling to restore his manhood after he was attacked by a 32-year old single lady, Oladunni Ogunmusire with a saw in Lagos. The attack took place at Idimu Road, Idimu, Lagos where Umoh had his office.

    Omo narrated that he no longer had an erection and his marriage was in jeopardy as he cannot have sex with his wife.


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    For the interest of the general public and the principle of accuracy, clarity and balanced reporting that true journalism is known for, it is very important to set straight, the content of the PM express online platform caption: HOT TEMPERED WOMAN USED SAW TO CUT MANHOOD OF FURNITURE DEALER OVER LATE JOB/ MAN LOOSES JOYSTICK AS LADY STABS HIM WITH CHISEL. For reasons yet to be known, PM Express decided to cook up the story of penis damage and painted this story to discredit Miss Oladuni Ogunmusire and family unjustly. After he personally suggested ADR ( A form of agreement between the accused and the complainer to say that the issue has been resolved) . It is true that there was an agreement over delay of job between the mentioned, Mr Henry Umoh a furniture maker and Miss Oladuni Ogunmusire, Henry's foremost customer on 13th December, 2017 that led to Miss. Oladuni Ogunmusire inadvertently flinging of a chisel at Mr. Henry which hit him in his left breast side. Miss Oladuni Ogunmusire owned to her carelessness and accepted her fault for unguided provocation which resulted from the delay of her job that have caused her huge loss sequel to which she was taken to idimu police station. The police quickly requested for immediate medical attention to ascertain the level of possible damage, which she immediately obliged to and Henry was taken to the hospital, treated and a scan was conducted and nothing was found, Miss Oladuni Ogunmusire was released on bail. After the police have perfected the case for court hearing the both parties considered their business relationship and opted for settlement without court. Before the police, Henry's friends, relatives and few journalist, which included PM Express, Mr Henry and Miss Oladuni Ogunmusire demanded for ADR( Alternative Dispute Resolution) and they were allowed, that was conducted and they both agreed for settlement of which Mr. Henry signed the affidavit too. The documents showed that there was no indication of any damage of any sort. It is adjudged to be a calculated attempt by PM Express to create news where there was none at the detriment of the relationship that exists between good friends. Mr Henry and family have dissociated themselves from PM Express' hateful reports. There are clear evidences that the police carried out their duty excellently. If the case may become necessary both parties will call for a press briefing. Therefore on behalf of myself and Miss Oladuni Ogunmusire and the good people of Nigeria, that report is made up, incomplete and built not out of the interest of any development and should be disregarded. Watch out for more updates..........VONN News.
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