Politics Plateau State Assembly Speaker to Resign Next Week


Mr. John Clark Dabwan,speaker of the Plateau state of Assembly is expected to turn in his resignation letter next week.

According to DAILY TIMES , the speaker's resignation follows his impeachment by 18 of 24 members of the Plateau State House of Assembly on Friday. Gathered in a close door meeting to proceed with his removal, the Speaker got a wind of it and hurried to join them. He then pleaded with them to rather allow him to resign honorably by Tuesday next week, October 8, 2013 when the House is expected to reconvene.

DAILY TIMES also learnt that a meeting between the various stakeholders from the Speaker’s zone, the state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and the state government officials was hurriedly convened on Friday afternoon, at Government Lodge, Jishe, Jos, to determine the fate of the Speaker and his possible replacement.

Meanwhile, the Speaker has allegedly begun to pack his belongings from his official resident located at Tudun Wada Ring Road in preparation for his resignation by Tuesday next week.


Oops. He got the boot,& through the crew too.
Whatever could he have done?
I suspect some big people didn't want him in that position. Anyway, goodluck to him. It's time to spend that secretly stashed cash.
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