Politics Power of Osun in Nigeria


Osun in Nigeria

Osun the land of virtue is a very strong state in Nigeria when we talk about politics and I bet, anything that happen in this coming governorship election will definitely have a great deep effect on 2019 general election. If you want president Muhammad Buhari to retain the presidential seat and continue his productive job especially in fighting corruption and bribery, you know the right party to support and if you want him out of the Aso villa which I bet can only be your unrealized dream vote out his party in Osun (only if God wish)

It is our state, it is our resources, it must be our government and we must be involved.

Only I and you have the power (p.v.c.) to liberate ourselves, do not sell your vote, protect the state from incompetent leaders, from criminals and from deceit people. Vote wisely not only for your own good but for the sake of yet unborn generation, remember that the next four years will count in the building of a well desired State.

Save your now, save your future.
May God guide us aright (Aameen)

Azeez T. Olalekan Oriolowo