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Metro Presidency Speaks: Even CNN Confirmed Nigeria as 2nd Largest Rice Producer in the World

The Presidency has justified its claim that Nigeria is now the second largest rice producer in the world.

Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu had made the statement last week.

Reiterating his claim on Monday, he said "We are not the first to say that Nigeria has grown to the second position in rice production worldwide."

"The CNN which is not a frivolous news source said this. We have reason to believe them because of their global reach."

"While we wait the numbers from the Food and Agricultural Organisation, FAO, we are collating our own figures and in the coming weeks, the officials in the Ministry of Agriculture will be coming up with our own position on rice production."

"Don't forget that since October last year, Nigeria has been feeding many parts of West Africa, North and Central Africa.

"Many of these countries have been shopping in Nigeria for rice, sorghum, sesame and millet.

"To support the growing rice industry, the Federal Government just acquired 110 rice milling machines which will be installed in different parts of the country between now and July.

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It's like this Garba Shehu is high on zobo. So, we've now got to the point where we make our justifications based on CNN reports... I dey wait for the numbers. Mtchew.


Shameful. Garba didn't give data or evidence to back up his claim. Really mediocre.

Actually the one quality common with most officials of the Muhammadu Buhari regime.

@Samguine @RemmyAlex what do you say?


So our government get their information from CNN? Maybe we should ask them where the president is as Mr Garba has no clue


Reports are being compiled by FAO and the Agric ministry...and here he is concluding, just from a mere CNN report. We have data to show that Nigeria is the second highest importer of rice in the world. That is what should concern this people. But of course, they don't buy rice at 20k per bag, so what do they know?
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