Politics Presidency: Why Buhari Won't Resign Despite Health Issues



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Femi Adesina, the Senior Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity has reacted to calls for the resignation of his principal following his decision to reduce his official workload.

Several people have expressed concern that the president should leave office due to his health. When asked about this on Friday, Adesina said:

“Well, it is an opinion, but don’t forget that about 15 million people elected the president so if one or two people expressed their opinion, will their opinions override that of 15 million people who voted for him? So those who are expressing their opinions have rights to their opinions," Punch quoted him.

He also said that the President would get well fully in time, as a result of the prayers Nigerians are showing on him.

“Yesterday there was still a press briefing saying there is no need for apprehension," he said. "God spared the president. In the first place, he said he had never been as sick as he was before, the same God that spared him will also ensure that he returns to full health. Nigerians prayed, God answered. Nigerians are still praying, God will still answer. That is all we believe.”


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Samuel Arua

New Member
This people should stop claiming to be insensitive about the people's cry and voice... Anyway, 2019 will proof how the purported 15 million people that voted for him disgust him now. Then, also you will understand that the number of citizens saying he should resign is far larger than 15 million.