Ramadan: Buhari Sends Solemn Message to Nigerians, Warns Traders Against Hike


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As muslims nationwide start off the 30 months fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, president Muhammadu Buhari has urged traders not to increase the prices of goods and services.

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He however asked them to use the opportunity to seek forgiveness and get closer to Allah through Worship (Ibadah) and good deeds during the period.

In his message to mark the beginning of the fasting period, the President who spoke through his Special Media Assistant, Malam Garba Sadhu, said “the month of Ramadan is a time of spiritual reawakening which demanded not only abstention from food and drinks, but also all wrongdoing in their lives.”

The President said he was always wondered why people seek to make brisk profits by hiking food prices as soon as the month of Ramadan starts.

He called on Muslim traders, businessmen and women, civil servants and political office holders to use the month of Ramadan to seek forgiveness of God by abandoning wrong practices for personal gains at the expense of others.

According to the President, “a religion should serve as a moral restraint from bad practices, regretting that those stealing national resources are merely paying lip service to religion.”

He advised leaders and those holding positions of trust to primarily remember that they would be accountable one day.

He said the “government is working towards bringing relief to their lives through palliative measures and faithful implementation of the 2016 national budget.”

According to him, no elected government would intentionally want to make life difficult for the people that gave it the mandate to serve.

Source: Vanguard