Metro Rapper Weird MC Denies Being Appointed Commissioner in Osun State


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The 44-year old rapper, Weird MC, a native of Ogun state, was an enthusiastic campaigner for governor Aregbesola in the last election. Rumors went abroad that she has been offered a position as Commissioner for Arts and Culture.

She has, however denied it. Speaking with The Net NG, she said: ‘I just heard about it this morning. I don’t know anything about it and at this point I would rather keep quiet and let the rumour continue‘ she said.

The rumour sparked off after she retweeted a post from a certain Sir Akanni Ade with handle @jimAAK who wrote on Twitter, ‘Osun has decided: Commissioner for Art and Culture to Weird MC Official. Your struggle has finally being laid to rest. Indeed you need a vacation’.

She however confirmed that she will take up the post if offered, ‘Of course, I would accept it. He’s one one man that I admire and would love to work with.’

Source: #TheNetNG


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