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Sports Reactions of Formula One drivers to Jules Bianchi's crash at the Japanese Grand Prix

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Ahead of this weekend's Formula One race,some of the drivers have been reacting to last week's crash in Japan.

Marussia driver Jules Bianchi crashed and has been in critical condition since he had surgery on the injury he sustained.

Force India driver has called on the sport's governing body(FIA)to introduce the safety car on all occasions when a recovery vehicle is in operation,adding that want an: "explanations of what happened and what are we going to change going forward".

"It is not acceptable," he said. "We have to look for answers from the FIA on what happened in this tragic accident.

"We have to make sure they hear us," he was quoted as saying on BBC Sport.

Meanwhile Lotus driver Romain Grosjean refused to apportion blames but rather said it was an act of: "bad luck".

"There are always places to improve and I am sure everyone is going to try to do things better but two metres on the right, nothing happened, four metres on the left, nothing happened. It's a bit of destiny. It's hard to accept, but…"

"I know the risks we take, my wife knows it. We love the sport. We have all had bad crashes in the past.

"We know it's dangerous but the day you are scared of what you do you stop. I am in love with F1 and racing and I know Jules is as well."
Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel said last week's crash is a lesson for all to learn from.

"If something happens there is always the chance to learn something and avoid it happening. But you have to understand that with the cars we race, the speeds we travel, accidents can happen" Vettel said.

Brazilian Williams' driver,Felipe Massa who himself has been involved in a life threatening crash said that last week's Japanese Grand Prix was "the worst race of my life.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia