Entertainment Relationships: Why People Who Have Only Sex to Offer Are More Jealous, Suspicious- Ali Baba



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Ace Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has explained why people who only have sex to offer in a relationship get more jealous and are more suspicious.

He stated this on Sunday on his Instagram account,

“People who have only sex to offer are the ones who get jealous, suspicious and quarrelsome," he started.

“You know why? Because they know that you might go out one day and find someone who has more than sex to offer.

“So what does that leave them? So they start to put their spouse in the defensive.

“Go take a critical look at most of those relationships where the guy or babe has only one thing to offer, they will keep talking of security.

“They want reassurances always. Tell me you love. Promise you will not leave me. Are you sure you are not playing with me?

“Am I the only one in your life? Do you really love me? Are you tired of this relationship? Do you still love me? …. blah blah blah!


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