Politics REVEALED: NASS Legislative Aides Receive a Higher Pay Than Senators



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Contrary to public opinions, it has been discovered legislative aides at National Assembly receive salaries more than Senators and Reps members combined together.

According to the proposed National Assembly budget for the year 2017 legislative aides would be collecting as much as N8,917,127,214 for the year under review.

This amount is more than double of what the Honourable Members of House of Representatives got for the year, even though, that of the Senators is also more than thrice less than the Reps’ allocation.

In the proposed budget, the 360 Honourable members of the Reps would take home, a cumulative sum of N4,923,743,127 for the whole year, while the 109 Senators would take home a meagre sum of N1, 856,510,517 as salaries for the year 2017.


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