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Metro Review: "Linda Ikeji Blog Shutdown Was a Scam to Resurrect Dying Blog" - Kunle Omolofe


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The dust and the drama has finally dissipated, and as is characteristic of life, things have returned to their normal chaos or blissfulness, depending on your favorite newspaper.

The truth, however, is that we cannot just forget what happened. Sure, the LIBers are back to commenting on Linda Ikeji's blog, and there has been mention of Linda becoming more 'professional in the way she 'harvests' content, but that doesn't simply obliterate the events of a few weeks ago.

This is a review, if you will, of a review. A summary of what Kunle Omolofe wrote on Premium Times about the whole elaborately played-out story that was the shutdown of Linda Ikeji Blog.

According to Mr. Olomofe, Linda Ikeji's blog palaver was no disaster, and it was, in fact, actually planned. As he writes... "Add to that , scandalous claims, and back and forth write ups attacking and defending the subject of this sudden take down, and you have what we in the business of Internet marketing and web publicity often refer to as “The Perfect Storm”.

You see, the end result of a brouhaha like that is usually only one major thing: instant fame locally and across the world via social media and the general web, constant site visits to the affected domain into the tens of thousands (and very possibly millions), and the eventual short and long term branding of a name some may have either forgotten, never heard of before, or were not fully focused on for months or years."

According to him, the scandal was 'cleared up' too quickly for comfort. It was rectified within hours, if you remember. A simple confession from Mr. Aye Dee and Linda's blog is back online, he says, and what are the added benefits? Explosive traffic, all for FREE, "the kind of advertising some companies have to spend tens of thousands of DOLLARS on throughout a full year to get even close to the kind of instant fame that was generated here within mere hours."

Mr. Kunle Omolofe hastily reassures his readers that he was one of the people who tweeted support for Linda Ikeji at the time the 'travails' began, and this is why he is especially disappointed by the outcome of events.

He writes out his reasons for believing the whole thing was stage-managed:

Issue One:

"After some research," he says, "I found that the Linda Ikeji blog had been losing site visits loosely estimated into the hundreds of thousands monthly over the past 13 months to the tune of close to 1 million monthly site visits lost within that time. The screen shot on the link below is from a little known Internet-based investigative site which estimates (from the outside) the number of non-unique visits to popular web sites like Linda’s blog. See the screenshot here.

He observes that Linda Ikeji's Blog had been on a steady decline for the pat year, and that was probably what led her to take such a drastic measure.

He adds here that he is merely speculating, however.

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Source: #PremiumTimes