Politics Rivers Crisis: I smuggled Amaechi into Abuja at Night and made him Governor – Wike


Minister of State for Education,Nyesom Wike, spoke to Saturday Sun, and he spared no word or effort in vitriolic attack on Rotimi Amaechi, Rivers state governor who he has been in a running battle with these past months.

Wike has claimed that he smuggled Amaechi into Abuja at night and made him governor,“ I know when I smuggled Amaechi into Abuja in the night. Then I never betrayed. I never went and told security men that he was coming in the night. But today, the governor sees me as a betrayer. To those who read English language, what is the meaning of betrayal?”.

“What annoys me most is being called a betrayer by a man who I had all the powers in my hands to deny him being governor and refused to do that. I had every chance to supplant and scuttle Amaechi’s mandate in 2007. I fought the battle for his sake even when he absconded to Ghana. I face assassination and did not yield because I believed I was standing on the side of the truth when he actually had the mandate. And even tomorrow these are facts he can never fault that I stood for him and took the bashing and the salvo on his behalf when it mattered most”.

“I took the bullet on behalf of Amaechi, and I keep saying that all glory to God who used me, I made Amaechi governor, and it is not in dispute”, Wike added.