Politics Saraki: APC Deputy Publicity Secretary Writes Open Letter to Buhari

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    Timi Frank, Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC has written to President Muhammadu Buhari on Senate President, Bukola Saraki's current travails.

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    Part of the letter obtained by POST NIGERIA read; ''Mr President, it is worthy to note that Saraki in recent times has been treated as an outcast. This is very bad development which if not carefully managed will consume the All Progressives Congress and doom our democracy. What has happened unfortunately does not reflect the change we promised Nigerians.

    “Is Senator Saraki the only Former governor in Nigeria? Are there no other former governors especially from the South West and other zones that are not just enjoying their booty but are integral part of the government? Yes, Saraki is not the anointed candidate for the senate presidency, but his colleagues elected him. So, why don’t we allow him some peace to deliver on the promises of change?

    “Mr President, the executive needs the legislature; hence, the relationship must be cordial because if this situation is not properly managed, Nigerians will be disappointed in us as a party, a development that portends unfavorable results when we go to the polls in 2019.

    “As far as Nigerians are concerned, it is very difficult to convince them that this orchestrated onslaught against Saraki is not a case of witch hunt. Nigerians are more politically aware now than ever.

    “Sir, you need to act to stop some of these people hiding under your good name to perpetuate this grievous evil. The begging for an answer is: If Saraki were not the Senate President, would all these acts of intimidation and maltreatment be visited on him?

    “Please, kindly intervene in good time to stop this apparent political persecution as some few people are now hiding under your name to reap political dividends from this impunity.

    “We cannot afford to suffer from the conspiracy of silence at this time because as they say, evil thrives when good people keep quiet. It may be Saraki’s turn today, but it could be anybody tomorrow…’’

    It added: “I also want to appeal to all Nigerians to pray for senate president; Dr. Senate President Abubakar Saraki in this trying period as I have no doubt that he is one of the few patriotic Nigerians with so much in stock for this country.”



  2. ismail ibrahim

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    Please and please I need someone to convince me this is really a witch hunt...
    First we have to take into consideration that if Saraki had shown up as requested, all this would have been averted, instead he chose to run around seeking how CCB would be stopped from investigating him, why?
    If the Assistant public secretary thinks or believes there are other former Governors out there, he should go ahead and lay his claim against them, am not saying there isn't any but we shouldn't be faster than our shadows.
    2019 is yet to come, but for the fact that he brought it up, what makes him think Buhari will go for second time? " anyway that may end up to be the people's decision".
    One thing Nigerian leaders should know, today if for example the outrageous payment the Senate is taking is reduced and someone comes back in 2019 and try to bring back such payments.... hmmmm
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  3. Alabi

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    This assistant secretary is just whipping up unnecessary emotion and sentiment. Saraki cannot pull down the APC. Let him answer the charges against him. Goodness will always triumph against evil. Mr assistant secretary, you may just be a black leg in APC!