See The 5 Best Cars For Tuning


There are two types of drivers in the world. Some are perfectly happy with their vehicle the way it is and rarely make any changes to its mechanics or look. Others can’t live without tuning and tweak their rides in every way they can. If you’re passionate about tuning, here are 5 cars that make the best canvas for modifications. Find them, as well as thousands of other affordable vehicle in Nigeria on Jiji (

1. Mitsubishi Lancer
The Lancer, especially the Lancer Evolution version, is one of the most iconic car models of all time, not just for tuning aficionados, but also for regular drivers. This car has been featured in dozens of racing movies and video games, and each time it’s been heavily tuned to perfection. With a Mitsubishi Lancer you can achieve much more power and visual impact by using a limited range of tuning options.


2. Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang is another car everyone in the world has seen at least once. The oldest Mustangs date back to the early 1960s, but even the oldest version of the Ford Mustang can become your ideal base for tuning. Mustang owners have been known to upgrade their rides in a way that helps the engine produce up to 1000 hp, which means there is always room for tuning improvements with the Ford Mustang.


3. Volkswagen Beetle
Once again we have a car on our list that is familiar to anyone interested in the automotive world. The Volkswagen Beetle is a highly recognizable model that has been around for decades. The Beetle is an ideal city car, which means you will hardly turn it into an ultra powerful supercar. However, there are much more upgrades you can do to your Beetle, and the result will be fascinating in any case.


4. Honda Civic
Ever since the Honda Civic was introduced, it has been widely praised for its reliability and stable ride. Heavyweight tuning fans will also be happy to know that the positive qualities of the Civic can be further improved with the help of inexpensive yet effective tuning. Build a race car, a collector’s vehicle, or a showstopper for any auto exhibition - there are virtually no limits when it comes to Honda Civic tuning.


5. Toyota Supra
Toyota cars are rarely associated with exciting tuning opportunities - these vehicles are more known for their durability and safety. However, with a bit of tuning tools and unique ideas, you can totally turn your Toyota Supra into a much more capable and striking vehicle. This two-door ride will make an ideal racing car or anything else you can imagine!