Sex By Messages: 8 Features You Should Know

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    Sex with a virtual partner allows you to believe in a dream, to translate your fantasies into cyber life. Today you can make love with Angelina Joly, and tomorrow with Scarlet Johansson. Sex by messages, of course, does not replace communication in the real life, but it can also help you to feel more desirable.


    You do not see your partner.

    You can imagine anyone you want, giving him/her the most attractive features. All your fantasies are accepted and not condemned, in return, you will learn about the frank dreams of another person, which can become even more exciting than your own. Communication at this level is almost never possible to establish in real life due to many complexes or just shyness.

    You can fully relax.

    If nobody disturbs you, knocking on the door and watching you under the eyelids, you have the opportunity to completely relax and get satisfaction. First, you should discuss with your “partner in crime” some abstract topics in order to understand how each of you reacts to different lines. It will help you feel each other better and fully relax.

    You should not be shy.

    Try not to behave affectedly and show excessive modesty, you are here for a specific purpose, so bring the experiment to the end! Usually, there are quite many people wishing to have sex by messages, so you can choose a partner with whom you are "on the same wavelength."

    You can choose your sexual image in advance.

    Do not think about the real appearance of the internet sex partner because otherwise, you will deprive yourself of the most attractive side of virtual sex – anonymity. After all, no one makes you talk about the real size of the bosom or the penis. It would be better to choose a sexual image in advance and stick to it, at least with this partner. Show your imagination in everything, starting with your appearance and the atmosphere around you. This is another reality, where everything will be exactly as you want. It can really help spice up your intimacy and give you little liberty in addition.

    You can make any experiments you want.

    You can create several different questionnaires in order to understand experimentally what attracts men most of all. On the other hand, you can also choose the best “suitable” variant from several partners. A huge role in sex by messages is played by the style and language of the partner because if you do not like his phrases (or maybe he makes grammar mistakes), no intimate relationships will work out.


    You should pay compliments to each other.

    A man or a woman should be praised in real life and in cyberspace, this is the law for any successful couple, who want to have quality sex! Pay more compliments to each other: "How strong and hardy you are!", "I like to love you!", "I want you more and more!" Such phrases can be superfluous very seldom. Listen and feel your partner in order your messages become really an exchange of emotions and desires, and not a single masturbation with a vibrating phone. By the way, the art of paying compliments is essential to master if you think about marrying a Russian woman.

    You become more uninhibited in the real life.

    Sex by messages can become a good preparation for your communication in real life. It will help you to be liberated and bolder in life. Such communication will give you objective information about the hidden fantasies of different people. You can ask any question in which you are interested in and hope that the person will answer you frankly, because he has nothing to hide from the virtual partner.


    You should not dwell on it.

    You should consider the cybersex to be a step towards achieving the happiness in the real life. However, do not dwell on this activity because there are many other interesting things in the world. You need only leave out your house.
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