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Politics South Africa to Support APC Presidential Aspirant With $2billion -Aduwo



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Olufemi Aduwo, the national coordinator of Rights Monitoring Group (RMG) has alleged that South Africa is planing to bankroll a presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC with $2billion.

Aduwo made the statement during an interview session with NIGERIAN TRIBUNE, when he was asked who will emerge from the APC among Buhari, Atiku and Kwankwaso?.

He said, "Buhari may emerge, even though I am not a soothsayer, as the candidate. But, when I see the antecedent of Buhari, I disagree with those who go about saying he is a credible and an incorruptible leader.

"The definition of corruption should not be limited to stealing public funds alone. A book defines corruption as an act of illegality by people in position of power. Buhari’s overthrow of the government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari in the Second Republic constituted an act of illegality and it is corruption. People’s rights were flagrantly trampled upon by his regime and we had a lot of abandoned projects littering the country. How will such a person perform in a constitutional democracy? It is better imagined than experienced. Nigerians queued to get sugar and rice during his time and the country was reduced to the status of war-torn North Korea by the Buhari regime.

"If Buhari went to bank to borrow money to pay for his nomination forms, it means the billionaires in the party do not believe in his ability to deliver. Talking as a Nigerian and not an election observer of the system, the PDP will win more states in 2015 because the APC will be thrown into crisis. I wish to alert the security operatives to be alert on some of the APC chieftains who have investments in foreign countries.

"I gathered from some of the stakeholders at the just-concluded World Bank/IMF meeting this month in Washington DC that South Africa alone is ready to bank one of APC presidential aspirants to the tune of $2 billion if he emerges as candidate", Aduwo said.

SOURCE: #NigerianTribune

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