Business State of the Economy: Highlights of Kemi Adeosun's Interview on Channels Television



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Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, was on Channels Television Sunrise Daily this morning.

Adeosun, who provided answers to series of questions posed to her by the ChannelsTV discussed extensively on some of the economic activities of President Muhammamdu Buhari.

Here are highlights of the interview:

- Many prominent actors in in previous govt as state governors who vehemently opposed efforts by FG to save excess crude, and insisted the money should be shared are now ministers in current government and are pointing fingers accusing previous government of not saving:

Ans: I don't want to hold brief for anybody. But even if the states did not save, the FG should have saved its own portion

- Are we now saving excess funds? Ans: No we are not savings because you cannot save when you are borrowing. We are borrowing and struggling to pay salaries

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- How much money has been recovered so far? Ans: I don't have that figure

- What is the current amount in excess crude account? Ans: I don't have that figure. You (Maupe) quoted it sometime ago. I think it is $2.1b or $2.2b, I am not sure of the amount.

- We have some people complaining of TSA, eg ASUU? We are working with universities and CBN to see if we can grant exemption to them

- They put a blame on govt on leakages. Is it something your ministry can fight? Ans: Absolutely. Last year, we spend N19b on roads and N64b on travels. We are trying to limit travels and the flight class of various govt officials.

- How are limiting leakages in govt? Ans: We are trying to introduce debit cards for routine govt expenditures.

- Has this debit card kicked off
? Ans: No we are trying to get proposals from 3 banks, then we shall go through learning process

- How are you aligned with CBN on fiscal and monetary policies. CBN should be doing monetary, and your ministry should be looking at fiscal. Ans: We are trying to align.

- Are you in IMF programme? Ans: No we are not IMF programme.

- Do we have an economic Team? Ans: We have an economic team

- It will shock you that Nigerians do not know those who are members of the economic team. Ans: (Becomes upset) Don't you know the ministers? Don't you know me. VP Osibanjo, Min of State & budget, Min of Info, Head of DMO, etc are members

- What is the Economic blueprint? Ans: We are going to invest in infrastructure. We are going to diversify the economy. If we can feed ourselves, it will energise the economy.

Source: Channels Television Sunrise Daily


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