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Business SWISS Firms Take Advantage of Africa Standard, Dump Dirty Fuel in Nigera



Swiss commodity trading companies are reported to be blending and dumping dirty fuel in West Africa with sulfur levels far higher than those allowed in Europe, causing health and environmental hazards.

The companies take advantage of weak African standards to use cheap and dirty additives to create what's called "African Quality" fuels, according to the report from Swiss watchdog group Public Eye.

Trafigura and Vitol say the report is misconceived and retailers work within legal limits enforced in the countries.

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Three of the distribution companies mentioned in the report have responded by saying that they meet the regulatory requirements of the market and have no vested interest in keeping sulphur levels higher than they need to be.

“The largest amounts go to Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana”, the report say.

"Their business model relies on an illegitimate strategy of deliberately lowering the quality of fuels in order to increase their profits" at the expense of Africans' health by adding toxic products that cause diseases, Public Eye said.

Source: BBC