World Taiwan's First Female President Takes Oath of Office



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Ms Tai Ing Wen, Taiwan's first female president, was sworn into office Friday, facing two very different sets of expectations -- from those who voted for her and a Chinese leadership that wants the island on a tight leash, CNN Reports.

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Although she was given a strong mandate in the January elections, with her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gaining control of the executive and legislative branches of government, a souring relationship with Beijing could undermine her ability to accomplish what she has set out to do at home.

In her inauguration speech, Tsai struck a measured tone, attempting to reassure Taiwan's people and the international community that she can handle the island's complicated relationship with China.

She said she wouldn't dismantle any of the existing channels for communication between the two and vowed that Taiwan would be a "staunch guardian of peace."

"We will work to maintain peace and stability in cross-strait relations," she said.

Her address ended with choirs singing "Ilha Formosa" a poetic song that became an anthem for pro-democracy groups in Taiwan.