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Telecom Companies Urges FG on broadband penetration

How realistic is it for the Federal Government to achieve broadband penetration before 2018?

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With the growing demand for internet accessibility, triggered by the influx and affordable cost of smart phones, laptops and handheld devices, the President, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Mr Lanre Ajayi, has advised the Federal Government on the need to transform the information technology sector through deeper broadband infrastructure.

He indicated that poor telecommunication infrastructure, legislative constraints and shortage of bandwidth were hindering the broadband penetration.

"We all know that, globally, issues around broadband development have continued to be on the front burner. This is because of the importance of broadband in the provision of various converged service types, especially the growing demand for speed, efficiency and effectiveness in provision of data. Indeed, the association is imploring governments to put in place policies that will drive broadband development and make it the digital right of every citizen through affordability and access," he said.

He said that adequate broadband infrastructure in rural and urban areas would enable the country to meet its Vision 20:2020 in digital economy and information society. He indicated that with with a deeper broadband penetration, internet services such as e-governance, e-education and e-health would be adequately provided.

Ajayi urged the Presidential Committee on Broadband to expedite action to enable the country to achieve deeper broadband penetration by 2018.
jeff juwana

jeff juwana

I look forward to a time when we would download files from the internet at lightening speed
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