Tennis: Why The Popular Sport Is Set To Dominate For A Long Time



Nowadays tennis is one of the most popular competitive sports. Tennis implies everything even for the most demanding fans: speed, passion, pressure, unpredictability and emotions. The best sportsmen compete with each other for the world tennis crown.

Tennis originated in the end of the 19th century and had been included in the program of the Olympic Games since their revival. The intensity of tournaments is very high, so dozens of competitions are held literally every day. The fans and specialists’ special attention are drawn to the Grand Slam tournaments:

Australian Open;
US Open.

Exactly on these tournaments most scores and the best prizes are competed for. The tennis season traditionally starts in Australia. On the Green continent tournaments are held in January when the temperature there is quite suitable. This sport often sees large sensations when the first world racket is gripped by the unseeded player.

Tennis also attracts with its aristocraticism and high dynamic of the game. On the website 777score there are always recent results and reports on all competitions. With such information it will be easier to choose a favorite.

The Best Tennis Players in the World

There are ratings of the best sportsmen in female and male tennis regularly made. Thanks to them the seeds are defined. In addition, even the highest prize is not a guarantee for victory. At present, some young players from all corners of the world are a success. Already now they replace such recognized leaders, as Djokovic, Nadal and Federer.


Results in tennis depend on what court surface the sportsman prefers playing. Their diversity doesn’t leave spectators indifferent and makes players’ chances more equal. The court surface, on which one of the most prestigious tournaments, Wimbledon, takes place, is considered to be especially uncomfortable. Now many sportsmen can play in different conditions. At the end of the calendar year 8 tennis players among men and 8 players among women compete with each other at the final tournament. First of all, participation in such competition is a sign of prestige and success throughout the entire season.

Tennis remains one of the most attractive sports and is gaining more popularity around the world. Here the intense fighting and unexpected results are always possible, so, to win, strong concentration is needed.