The God of iron That Endorsed Akeredolu To Lose Ondo 2012 Has Pushed Him Forward To Win 4 Wards

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    By Hellyjay S.

    Other than his white mane and constant pissing in the wind when there is serious lawyering to do in the media, former NBA President Rotimi Akeredolu is no more popular than a dodo. Politically. But he likes stretching his chances too far, always trying to make you understand he’s a perennial party’s primary winner with little hope in state-wide elections. And, either endorsed by APC’s moneybag Bola Tinubu or Ogun, theOndo hard-headed god of iron, Akeredolu’s candidacy has always been a disaster for his party—ACN in 2012 and APC now.

    So this carpetbagger, who thinks he’s a good politico because he has a SAN tag and a black face draped in white stubble, has cost the APC their 2017 takeover of Ondo. We mean because Akeredolu pouted at Tinubu, and won the primary. And we tell you what: Give the champion a big hand for that victory—and some others. Apart from being the only lawyer that can criticise his party leader President Muhammadu Buhari for unleashing the EFCC on judge-bribing SANs like Ricky Tarfa and others, Akeredolu has become the first south-western political newbie to break rank with Bourdillon—and, seemingly, get away with it. He’s also the only one the gods have gifted the APC.

    We can say it here today… that Bola Ahmed Tinubu says he want to support Abraham. He argued for him in 2012, but God chose me. So if he’s now supporting him today, that is a repetition, and God will still choose me this time

    You are chosen, godman!

    And the whoopee is just over. The gods must now go hell for leather to get you sponsors that will bankroll your campaign.

    Nigeria is in recession, you know. And after spending N 7.5 million on forms and registration alone, Akeredolu might soon begin to whine like a brokeass—four months before he faces his PDP rival SAN Eyitayo Jegede whose sponsor, Gov. Segun Mimko, some say, has stacked up N10 billion as a war chest for the election.

    Money really matters in Ondo’s politics. And this APC candidate Rotimi Godson Akeredolu can’t help spending no matter how much he looks like God. It’s a given. When the going was good then, Tinubu said he spent millions of pounds on Mimiko himself in 2010.

    But Akeredolu winning the primary again—and dissing his financier on Adaba FM—has soured his relationship with APC’s biggest moneyman who picked up the tab in 2012. No shame about that. You can hear the scrooge boast:

    Tinubu didn’t support me….After I emerged as the consensus candidate [in 2012], as a predominant leader of the party then, Asiwaju Tinubu engaged other aspirants and told them why the committee picked Akeredolu. And as the leader of the party then, he spent a fortune to assist us in the election in the state and nobody can take that away from him

    So heaven must help their man now that he kicks his backer in the teeth.

    The gods will also have to act fast to do the KYC round Ondo for Akeredolu. He lives far away in Ibadan—probably to avoid being herded together with the Lagos Crowd, from where his closest rival Segun Abraham was fished out. (Tinubu has always favoured Abbey, though he turns out a serial also-ran like his namesake American President Abraham Lincoln.)

    Looking at his Sean Connery manscaping, you won’t see a corn-eating grassroots politician like Sen. Iyiola Omisore in Akeredolu. But he can tell you off pat from his cozy chamber in Ibadan how much the Akoko Central needs him. He does his barnstorming every four years, and at least he knows Ondo has 18 LGAs, and the late Segun Agagu was their former governor. Ever seen such a savvy politician?

    The battle line is drawn now between Jegede and Akeredolu. By February the two will know what it takes to be a governor: a head of glistening fur and loud mouth with no experience and money—or billions of naira in campaign funds and a backer as strong as Iroko.
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