The issue of flood in Benin

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  1. The rainy season comes with floods across the major roads and streets of Benin City and it’s now a course to worry about. This has led to blockage of streets, drainages, loss of properties, loss of goods and also results to the outbreak of water borne diseases and vectors (Mosquitoes etc.) as well as the negative impacts on economic activities of the state.

    Cities in developing countries are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, especially changes in rainfall because of the exposure to extreme weather events. Excessive rainfall leads to flooding especially in areas with poor natural drainage systems, areas where water inundates the capacity of the soil to absorb water and in areas where poor land use practices prevents drainages from channeling excess water away.

    Flooding is one of the major environmental crises one has to contend with globally. This is especially the case in most wetlands of the world. The reason for this is the general rise in sea level globally, due to global warming as well as the saturated nature of the wetlands in the Niger Delta. It was discovered lack of good roads, poor drainage systems on major streets and blockage of drains by wastes are the leading course of flood in the Benin City.

    Although flooding as a natural hazard is not new in the Niger Delta part of Nigeria because the inhabitants live in flood prone areas, indigenes have invented means of protecting themselves against flood hazards.

    Our climate is rapidly changing therefore, immediate actions need to be taken to reduce the presence of flooding in our environment. Although the warnings of climate change on flood disaster had been issued to Nigerians several times by great experts on climate change issues, what is perhaps strange is the apathy and apparent insouciance with which flood related warnings have been treated with levity over the years.

    Like corruption, if we don’t kill flood and other environmental problems, they will kill us. And as we expect new leadership from September 10th in Edo State, it’s important we develop plans for the environment if we must enjoy her resources.

    I therefore recommend that a good development plan be developed by the incoming government on flood management in Edo State and also the issue of waste management should be looked into in addressing flooding in the state.

    Furthermore, policies developed for environmental protection must be implemented and institutions in charge of enforcement should be strengthened. In this regard, awareness programmes should be carried out to sensitize the public on importance of environmental protection. Flood.jpg