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Sports The Richest Athletes In Sport


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The world of professional sport can be very lucrative indeed, and the athletes we’ve mentioned here are just on another level of wealth. It’s not just the sporting events and athletes where all of the money is channelled in professional sports either. In fact, betting is one of the largest industries associated with sports, with punters all around the world placing wagers. If this is something you’d also like to do you could check out the DraftKings Sportsbook.

Another site that is on more or less on the same level is FanDuel, for which you could probably also unlock some kind of bonus by looking into this fanpromocode link. That being said, you probably won’t end up with as much as the athletes we’ve mentioned here. We would like to now share with you some of the world’s richest athletes according to 2020 statistics.

Athletes with some serious earnings

  • Michael Jordan : Although all of the athletes on this list have a fair chunk of cash in the bank, none of them even come close to Michael Jordan. Thanks to his post-career endorsement deals, Jordan is now estimated to be worth more than $2 billion. Of course, most of this money did not come from the salary he took during his playing days. In fact, Jordan has become quite a shrewd businessman following on from his staggering basketball career.He has deals set up with Nike, Gatorade, and many other leading brands too. He even has his own investment company, so it’s fair to say that Jordan won’t be going broke anytime soon.
  • Magic Johnson : From one basketball to another - Magic Johnson is also a colossal figure in the sports and business world. While his playing career was cut short following his diagnosis with HIV, Johnson really has turned a negative situation into a huge positive. Following on from his retirement from basketball, Johnson has ventured into all kinds of industries. Due to various acquisitions and financial investments, Johnson is now rumored to be worth over $600 million. While that is quite a way short of the incredible net worth posted by Michael Jordan, we can probably all agree that this is still seriously impressive.
  • Tiger Woods : Finally, we couldn’t finish this post without talking about Tiger Woods. Not only was this man sensational on a golf course (and still is at times), but he has also amassed a fortune in the process. Woods sealed deals with the likes of Gilette, Nike, and plenty of other leading brands during his career, and he’s managed to retain his wealth despite a string of widely publicized personal problems. Even though Woods has clearly dealt with a lot over the last decade, his bank balance has not suffered by any means. In fact, all of the media attention following his return to the pinnacle of the golfing world has actually aided in his ongoing success.
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