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Politics They Told Me to Join a Cult If I Must Become Governor - Labaran Maku



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Labran Maku, former information minister and a Nasarawa Governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP said he was asked to join a cult if he must become Governor. Maku made the disclosure during an interview session with THE SUN where he talked about his upbringing, education and political dreams.

I wanted to vie to be governor, and some people came to my home and said look, you cannot just be governor. We have to recruit you into a cult. My wife and I were sitting after the morning prayer. They insisted that becoming the governor is not just a matter of preaching. They said there is a cult I need to join, and there are 12 people controlling the world, so if I agree then they would recruit me and with that I would become the governor.

I quickly ordered them to get out of my house. “You are a shame, you came with a Bible and you are telling me this story. I told them that I want to be governor just to help, just to serve but if being governor will separate me from my God then to hell with it.”

I said look at the trees outside, the goats outside God created them, I came into the world and I am a human being. Some things came into the world as flies, cockroaches, ants, but I came into the world as a human being therefore God has already made me a governor over all his kingdoms. So anything that you are giving me as governor cannot add anything to me. Therefore I want to rejoice with God for making me a human being not because I have been in any office. See the experience of animals around you God created them, look at the trees outside they will never move from where there are. So I am rejoicing not because of those things, so I drove them from my house. Well, as you know the story I didn’t become a governor I returned to my village.

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Maybe some of them as as Godfearing as Maku and declined to join or maybe the cult is just a Big boys club.
What do i know?.....nothing


Temitope Akinola
I've heard something like that before. But it wasn't made public like this. Everyone knows that there some elements of occultism in who becomes what in Nigeria. But this is not to say those who can stand their grounds and say NO can't become a leader in Nigeria.
Maku's words must be taken seriously. I heard someone say this same thing recently and I didn't take it too seriously but now, this? Hmmmmmmm... Is this what government and leadership should be about? Horrible!