Metro Thieves Caught On Arik Flight To Abuja [VIDEO]

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    Some thieves have been caught on board an Arik Air plane, a situation report by Nigeria's social commentator, Japheth Omojuwa, says.

    The incident occurred on a flight from Lagos to Abuja on Friday morning.

    Apparently, the airline had installed a spy to watch out, because the thieves had been on the run.

    His tweets read: “One of the thieves caught on the Arik flight Lagos to Abuja this morning. Impressive security set up by Arik.

    The authorities were alerted as soon as the incident happened when we were airborne. They came in on arrival.

    “They are now being led away by the authorities. I don’t know how many years for stealing in the air.

    “The captain explaining how the incident happened. Thumbs up to Arik. They had a spy to watch out because the thieves had been on a run.”

    When one of the suspects was questioned on how long he has been doing it, he refused to respond and hid his face, amid curses from angry passengers. he was eventually whisked away by security operatives as soon as the plane arrived at the airport.



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    Normal thing on Arik flights
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    Nigerian got talent, even on plane
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    It serves him right