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Politics Tinubu Blasts Buhari’s Minister Over Fuel Scarcity Statement



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The former governor of Lagos State and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu yesterday, blasted Ibe Kachikwu, Minister of State, Petroleum, for telling Nigerians that he “was not trained as a magician”, a reference to the lingering fuel scarcity that appears to be defying efforts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

Tinubu, wondered why a public servant would talk down on those he was meant to serve, charging: “Kachikwu’s flippancy was out-of-line. He was basically telling Nigerians that they should be lucky that they are getting the inadequate supply they now suffer and that they should just be quiet and endure the shortage for several weeks more”.


Tinubu said this in a ten paragraph statement, titled: “KACHIKWU NEEDS TO KNOW THAT RESPECT AND GOOD PERFORMANCE WILL DO WHAT MAGIC CANNOT, dripping with venomous pillory, nevertheless, attempted to inspire hope that, whereas tough times were here, “we must all realize that they would be even harder and much darker would be the immediate horizon had we allowed the venal, kleptocracy of the PDP to continue to lord over the land solely for their selfish benefit and not for the common good.”

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Amah Jones

Muhammadu Buhari's APC government is the quintessential clueless regime. A government heavily saturated with Nigeria's greatest rogues and grossly incompetent officials with long histories of misrule, maladministration and malfeasance. Bola Tinubu, a seasoned kleptocrat, has singled out Mr. Kachikwu for strong admonitions, but the government's ire should have been directed at the Minister of Petroleum. The 2015 election "victory" euphoria has faded and the Nigerian people's confidence in Buhari's government has dwindled. Why is his approval rating below 30%? The answer is simple. Incompetence! Frustration has engulfed Aso Rock and that's not surprising because the pathetically incompetent captain runs a ship that appears to be hopelessly adrift and lost in a sea of confusion.