Top 5 4G LTE Broadband Providers in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the few countries in Africa to introduce the 4G LTE technology, which provides superfast internet speed and connections.

LTE is an abbreviation for Long Term Evolution, which is commonly known as 4G LTE. It’s a standard that utilizes both the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA network technologies together to create blazing internet connections and experience for its users. Currently, only a handful of companies provide 4G LTE broadband services in Nigeria. The reason for this is because it’s a technology that’s still fledging. However, these are the Top5 4G LTE Broadband Providers in Nigeria:

1. Spectranet


Spectranet is one of the dominant internet service providers in the country and one of the few to roll out the 4G LTE internet broadband service. Unlike SWIFT, Spectranet has a wider coverage area but mainly caters for both Lagos and Abuja residents, which isn’t surprising as these areas are the economic and administrative hubs of the country. They have virtually the same plans for both Lagos and Abuja but different data allowance and prices. For example the “LTE Connect” cost N7000 for both Lagos and Abuja, but the data allowance for Lagos is put at 15GB while that of Abuja is pegged at 7GB.

The reason for disparity can only be provided by Spectranet’s management. Personally, I can attribute this disparity to the ratio of capital assets invested within these two states, with Lagos state taking up the bigger bulk. To learn more about Spectranet data plans, visit

2. SWIFT Networks Limited

Swift 4G.jpg

Swift Networks limited is one the foremost internet service providers in the country. The Company actually commenced operations in 2002 after obtaining a Fixed Wireless Access license from the Nigerian Telecommunication Commission to provide broadband services to business and residential subscribers. SWIFT was one of the first to pioneer the 4G LTE broadband service in the country, however, their 4G LTE service is mainly restricted to Lagos and part of its environs.

In February, Swift unveiled 2 unlimited data plans on its LTE service. The first of which is known as the Swift Essential Plus and the Second is the Swift Club Plus. The Essential plan cost N8000 and is valid for 30days. It has a 14GB daytime data allowance but allows for unlimited data usage between 12AM and 6AM.

The Swift Club Plus cost N11,000 and is also valid for 30days. It has a 20GB daytime data allowance but allows for unlimited data usage between 12AM and 6AM. You can learn more about their 4G LTE plans by visiting

3. Smile Communications Nigeria


Smile communications Nigeria is basically the newest entrant of “the big 3” but has the widest internet network coverage of them all. Initially, their broadband services were restricted to Oyo state but finally decided to take a plunge into Nigeria’s economic hub (Lagos). Smile communications is growing at alarming pace; it recently raised $365 million to boost its business in Africa with 80% of the funds coming into the Nigeria market.

Smile also recently partnered with the world’s leading Smartphone manufacturing giant, Samsung Mobile West Africa, to create the first 4G LTE complaint Smartphone in Nigeria. The Samsung S6 Edge LTE is the product of the partnership, having being optimized for the Nigerian market. This partnership corroborates what most people say about Smile LTE broadband services. Most say they are the first true 4G LTE service provider in Nigeria. Their SMifi is a pocket-sized wireless router that’s 4G LTE compliant and connects devices such as Laptops, smartphones and tablets seamlessly to their LTE network. To learn more about Smile LTE packages, visit

4. IPNX Nigeria


ipNX is an information, communications and technology (ICT) company specializing in network connectivity and delivery of internet, telephony, television as well as complementary IT services to corporate and residential customers. They are pioneers and a leading fixed network operator in Nigeria using optic fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) cable technology as their core access network infrastructure. Leveraging on its experience, IPNX recently unveiled its fiber optic service which is a triple-play (internet, tv & phone) 100% fibre-optic broadband service that greatly surpasses the maximum performance levels of 4G LTE in every respect. The service provides ultra-fast, seamless internet connection for its subscribers scattered across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Kano. Their moderate subscriber base ensures that their networks are not always congested, allowing for superfast internet connections and Speeds. Customer reviews have shown IPNX 4G LTE service to reliable and dependable. The iWireless Mini and Maxi plan cost N60,000 and N90,000 respectively, which makes it ideal for businesses and corporate organizations. To learn more about iPNX 4G LTE services, visit

5. GLO Nigeria


Glo Nigeria is one of the major telecommunication companies in Nigeria. They were the first to pioneer GPRS, which is the oldest mobile internet network technology. They were also the first to unveil 3G as well as 3.5G in Nigeria, blazing the trail for superfast internet connections in Nigeria, especially amongst the major telecom operators. Currently, Glo’s 4G LTE coverage is restricted within Lagos but they hope to actually deploy the LTE service to the 36 states of the federation, with Abuja and Port Harcourt being within its immediate targeting range. To learn more about GLO 4G LTE plans, visit

In conclusion, the top 5 4G LTE internet service providers in Nigeria are still taking baby steps, testing and tweaking their services to ascertain their viability and efficiency. However, the infrastructural deficiencies in the country pose a major stumbling block to the comprehensive deployment of the Long-Term Evolution network.

Obviously, our 4G LTE services can’t be compared to similar services in the western world, nevertheless, its introduction is a great development that would soon allow Nigerians internet users rub shoulders with their counterparts in the first world.

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