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Trail to Catch British Terror Suspect 'White Widow' Goes Cold



Possibilities of arresting White Widow, a British terror suspect have reduced greatly as Kenyan detectives have announced that her trail has gone cold, AlArabiya reports.

White Widow is linked with a number of terror groups and she is suspected to have taken part in numerous terror operations, including the attack on #Westgate shopping mall in Kenya last year.


Kenyan detectives told a court Thursday they had lost the trail of British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite, known as the “White Widow”, suggesting the fugitive may have taken another identity.

Detectives hunting Lewthwaite were ordered to appear in court Thursday in the port city Mombasa after failing to heed previous summons to provide updates on their search.

“We have tried to arrest her, but she keeps on changing her identity and location,” said Abednego Kilonzo, a police chief inspector, said in a statement.

“She must have a new name from the previous ones,” the statement added, read to the court by lawyer Eugene Wangila.

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