Politics UK Replies Jonathan- David Cameron Did NOT Connive With Others to Bring You Down



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The United Kingdom has reacted to allegations leveled against it by Nigeria's former President Goodluck Jonathan that its ex-Prime Minister, David Cameron, worked with other world powers to ensure that he lost the 2015 presidential elections to Muhammadu Buhari.

The British Government in a statement issued by its High Commission in Nigeria and signed by the Press and Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Joe Abuku, said UK didn't interfere with the elections.

“Prior to the 2015 elections in Nigeria, the UK engaged with Nigerian political parties and their leaders to urge them to run a fair, non violent campaign and allow Nigerian voters to decide who their future political leadership would be. We congratulated President Jonathan on having handed over power peacefully in 2015 having lost the Nigerian Presidential elections.

“The elections were a credit to the Nigerian people and a truly historic moment for Nigerian democracy. This process further strengthened Nigeria’s democratic tradition.
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