World Villagers Threatened, Forced To Donate Cows To Mugabe



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Some villagers in Zimbabwe have been forced to donate cattle towards President Robert Mugabe s AU pledge. The ruling party collected 145 cattle as part of its efforts to meet the target of 300 beasts the lethargy leader pledged to the continental body.

Although Zanu PF provincial chairman for Midlands, Daniel McKenzie boasted during a provincial coordinating committee last Thursday, the party had collected 145 cattle, it was gathered that villagers were forced to surrender their livestock to the president.


The province also raised $1840 towards the same programme. ''Some 145 beasts have been collected from five districts. In addition, we also received 1840 from party supporters. Mugabe had initially asked all the provinces to contribute 100 cattle and I am happy we managed to surpass the target,'' said McKenzie.

On the contrary to McKenzie's claims, villagers and farmers said they did not donate the cattle voluntarily. One of the villagers is Shurugwi said they were ordered to donate the cattle.

''We had no option because we were threatened by Zanu PF officials. They openly warned of dire implications if we failed to donate the cattle. The whole thing was initiated by a senior party officials and nobody contributed willingly.'' said the villager.
UN,ECOWA and other international organizations should interven to rescue this people from the hand of president Mugabe,the are dieding silently,is too much of him, God will help them shall