World Voices In My Head Told Me To Kill Him, Says Man Who Tried To Assassinate Donald Trump



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A UK man who tried to assassinate Donald Trump by grabbing a police officer’s gun has narrated how voices in his head were screaming at him to kill the then US presidential candidate.

Michael Sandford got within six metres of Trump at a Republican rally in Las Vegas last June when he lunged for the guard’s pistol but it got stuck in the holster.


“I was hearing voices telling me to kill Donald Trump,” Sandford told The Sun.

“They’d been coming on for a while and getting stronger and more frequent. At one point they were screaming at me."

Sandford – who suffers from mental illness and was having a psychotic episode - was pushed to the ground and arrested by Secret Service agents.

The 21-year-old was released from a US jail last week and has now been reunited with his family in Dorking, Surry, in southern England, The Sun reports.