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  1. We want Fridays declared
    work-free for Muslims like
    Sundays – MURIC Director,
    By Danielle Ogbeche on
    September 4, 2016
    The Director of Muslim
    Rights Concern, MURIC,
    Ishaq Akintola, has called
    for ‘fair treatment’
    between Christians and
    Muslims in Nigeria.
    The professor of Islamic
    Eschatology said Nigeria is
    not a secular state as
    according to him, it does
    not recognize religion.
    In a chat with the Punch,
    Akintola said, “I still insist
    Nigeria is not a secular
    state. It does not recognise
    any religion at all. An
    example is the Sallah
    holidays. Although
    Christians used to enjoy
    Christmas and other
    holidays, there was no
    Sallah holiday for Muslims
    on Eid el-Fitr and Eid el-
    Kabir days during the
    colonial days. We wrenched
    that from our oppressors’
    hands after a long struggle.
    “Another example where
    freedom has come our way
    is where Nigerian
    Christians compelled
    Muslims to operate
    Christian financial system
    with its riba (interest)
    which is haram (forbidden)
    for Muslims, yet they
    refused to allow Muslims to
    practise the Islamic banking
    until a former governor of
    the Central Bank of Nigeria,
    Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (now
    Emir of Kano), belled the
    cat by introducing Islamic
    “What exactly do I mean?
    Nigerian Christians have
    been enjoying everything
    they need since the British
    took over the country and
    colonised it. They have the
    Christian common law while
    they object to Muslims
    having Shariah. They enjoy
    Christo-Western education
    while they restrict Muslim
    children’s access to
    Islamic education.
    Christians are free to do
    whatever they like on
    Sundays but Muslims are
    chained to their workplaces
    on Fridays. That chain must
    break. Freedom is our cry.
    “The government supports
    both Christian and Muslim
    pilgrimages. Christian and
    Muslim prayers are said at
    official functions. The
    preamble of the Nigerian
    Constitution leans heavily
    on God. So, we are a multi-
    religious nation. It is when
    Christian leaders want to
    pull the wool over our eyes
    that they claim that Nigeria
    is a secular country.
    “We must widen the
    horizon of the quest for
    self-determination. They
    hold Christian court or
    church marriage whose
    certificate is recognised by
    law whereas mosque
    marriage certificate is not
    recognised. Christian
    schoolchildren use Christian
    school uniforms but Muslim
    children are disallowed from
    using the hijab. Muslim
    women are denied driving
    licences and international
    passports in Nigeria on
    account of their use of
    “There is an urgent need
    to straighten this lopsided
    system. It is not working.
    Nigerian Muslims still
    remain oppressed today
    because they have yet to be
    emancipated in the four
    examples above. There are
    more areas of oppression.
    But there are one or two
    aspects where the Muslims
    have been liberated.
    “So you can see that it is
    all about struggling for
    liberation. It is like a
    master-slave affair. Those
    who sit on the necks of
    Muslims are reluctant to
    set them free. But we will
    get there whether the
    oppressor likes it or not. It
    is interesting to note that
    Christians know that a
    Muslim commits a sin each
    time he collects or gives
    riba yet they never freely
    allowed it. What do you call
    that? Do we love our
    “Do you call that freedom
    of religion? Isn’t there
    some element of
    selfishness in that? Didn’t
    Jesus teach loving the
    neighbour? I remember that
    a particular bishop from the
    East led his followers in a
    public demonstration
    against the introduction of
    Islamic banking. Ridiculous,
    isn’t it?
    “As for the claim that
    Muslims are being favoured
    by the present
    administration, that is
    large-scale falsehood. Even
    Nigerian toddlers know that
    Buhari is religion-blind. He is
    not a fanatic. He just wants
    to fix Nigeria.
    “How has the present
    administration favoured
    Muslims? The facts are at
    our fingertips. Take the
    South-West as an example:
    there are six states there
    and each has a minister.
    Only Babatunde Fashola and
    Adebayo Shittu are
    Muslims. The rest are
    Christians. Let CAN tell us
    if that is not so. Do you call
    two out of six a favour? And
    that is just a tip of the
    iceberg in Buhari’s
    “The parastatals are
    replete with Christian chief
    executives. But Muslims
    are not complaining. Nigeria
    now has about 35 ministers
    out of which only 17 are
    Muslims. Tell me how the
    present administration has
    favoured Muslims. Is CAN
    using mathematics or
    “Personally, I believe that
    we are cutting our nose to
    spite our face in this
    country. We should allow
    government to pick the
    best candidates for
    positions in order to get
    maximum performance. We
    should not always be
    thinking of religious or
    ethnic leaning. Muslims
    have tried as much as
    possible to maintain this
    principle but CAN is always
    making a noise because of
    its grip on the press,”
    Akintola noted.