What constitutes Spam? Am I a spammer?

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    Sometimes spam is obvious, but often it does not conform to a particular rule and regulation.

    I have highlighted some guidelines
    • If your contribution to NB consists primarily of submitting links to a business that you run, own or otherwise benefit from, tread carefully.
    • Additionally, if you do not participate in other discussions or reply to comments and questions, you may be considered a spammer and banned from NB.
    • If your contributions are often off-topic or not relevant to the community you are posting in, you may be considered a spammer and banned from NB
    • If other users in our community do not appreciate your posts or ones similar to yours, but you feel the need to continue submitting them anyway, you may be considered a spammer.
    To confirm you are not spamming, write to our moderators on press@nigerianbulletin.com We may also have NB-specific rules that supersede the guidelines above.
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    Wow. We have to be full participants