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WHO Admits Failure to End Ebola Epidemic Earlier



The World Health Organization has been accused of failing to arrest the current Ebola outbreak months ago before it got out of hand through poor communication and incompetent staff, reports say.

An internal document said those involved "failed to see some fairly plain writing on the wall", according to the Associated Press.

Separately, sources close to the WHO told Bloomberg of multiple failures in the outbreak's early stages.

Responding to the allegations, the WHO's head of global response and alert, Isabelle Nuttall, told the BBC: "Time will come for investigation. Right now we have to focus on the response."

On the alleged failure of the WHO to react quickly enough, she said the disease had, up till then, not been common in West Africa, only in Central Africa.

"When we scaled up, the beginning of the outbreak was very comparable to what we had seen elsewhere in Africa," she said. "And then, by June, it became something different.

"We indicated that this outbreak was different. I'm afraid we probably didn't say it loud enough for the world to understand what we were saying and for all the international community to be mobilised."

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