World Why Anal Sex is a Criminal Offence – Ghanaian Lawyer


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A Ghanaian lawyer identified as Maurice Ampaw says that it's good for partners to indulge in 'doggy' style during sex but says anal sex is a criminal offence.

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According to the legal practitioner, no sex position is illegal apart from anal sex and any woman who allows a man to have sex with her through the anus must be punished.

Speaking on Ladies Talk on Abusua FM, he said its wrong for any man to deliberately force their way into the anus of their partner during sex.

‘No sex position is illegal under the laws of the country except when the penis enters the anus of a woman during sexual intercourse. Partners can be creative by even engaging in karate styles during love making and nobody will deal with them. Doggy style is recommendable, but a doggy style which will mistakenly turn into anal sex is criminal. Some of the men deliberately attempt to enter the women through their anuses and it is wrong,’ he said.

Maurice also advised people to desist from anal sex.

‘People should position themselves well when they want to go the doggy way, in order not to offend the law,’ he urged.


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This man is funny

To me shaa, i will never let a man have anal sex with me

It's very very wrong
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