Politics Why Babangida Did Not Serve Guest With Coke, Malt At Daughter's Wedding [Abuja Reporters]

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    Former President, Ibrahim Babangida's daughter wedded last weekend at an event attended by the high and mighty in Minna, Niger State capital

    The 3-day event drew attention for many reasons. While many focused on the number of private jets, hired or owned, that landed on the Minna airport tamarc just for the wedding, many others were more interested in the politics of people from.different political camps sitting together on a

    Abuja reporters revealed that for the in a wedding of such magnitude that bottled drinks were not served during 3-day event drew attention of many political cliques.

    It was gathered that the financiers set out to put forward a message, that there are many more local drinks that are beneficial to the body than coca cola or Pepsi products or even the malt products.

    According to Abuja Reporters, guests were served with chilled zobo, various forms of Kunu, there were also straight juice drinks, like pineapple, ginger, and some mixed together in cocktails.

    IBB Guests.JPG

    For those who liked to experiment with new things, they mist have been overwhelmed by the number of drinks that were seemed in gourds.

    “At the cultural night, which ordinarily should have featured dancing and singing for the bride, about eight states spread across Nigeria were chosen to present food and drinks which they served to people”, the medium said in its report.

    The local drink, it was learnt, was used to honour Maryam Babangida, the matriarch of the family, who championed of women empowerment.


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    Money good shaa
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    That's their choice anyway
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    Hmmm, you have IV to Babangida's daughter's wedding and Coca cola is your problem? That's how people remain in poverty for life
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    Poverty indeed
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    It's easier to slip a little something something into local delicacies. *Just saying.
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    Hmmmmmm. Wetin concern me
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    Na them sabi
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    I see it as a good idea and as effort to empower somebody and promote locally hygienically prepared products. The person that did it got some coins into his/her pockets. Yet It is Choice.
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    its very good
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    Hmmm,its nice
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    I think this is what i will serve to guests on my wedding day
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    Is choice now.