Metro Why Oba Akiolu Of Lagos Should Not Apologize To Ooni Of Ife, Ogunwusi



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Throughout the past week, the trending topic was the supposed public insult on foremost Nigerian monarch, Ooni of Ife, Enitan Ogunwusi by Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu. A Video footage showing Oba Akiolu, seemingly snubbing the Ooni of Ife, at a public event shocked many Nigerians, and they have made a great deal out of it. Several people have aired their views on the issue, with many berating the actions of Akiolu, 74, on Ooni Ogunwusi, 42, whom yorubas believe to be the superior king in the land.


In a commentary report compiled by Punch, some prominent Nigerians also waded in:

For Senator Anthony Adefuye, Secretary, Yoruba Unity Forum, he said: I don’t think I should make a comment now, but I feel we are just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. That is Oba of Lagos’ usual way of greeting people. It may not be good, but that is his usual way of greeting people. Sometimes, when you are greeting him, you would only hear his voice. But I’m sure he wouldn’t have intended to insult the Ooni at all. We will look into it and make sure the whole thing is resolved. Of course every Yoruba man would be worried with what happened, but we should try not to exaggerate what has happened.''

Prof. Tunde Adeniran, former Minister of Education explained that though nobody is above mistakes and it could be that the Oba (of Lagos) was in a particular mood, calling on the Oba of Lagos to apologise to the Ooni of Ife is not necessary. All of us have already apologised to the Ooni of Ife with the way people have risen to show that the way he was treated was not right. That should be enough; we should not let this continue to drag on. And the Ooni of Ife is very peace loving, easy going and royal in every respect and he should keep up the good spirit and not harbour any animosity. It has gone and everyone has spoken more or less to condemn that sort of attitude towards him.