Youth Marginalisation and Deprivation; National Calamity by Kolade Joseph


The rate at which our supposed fathers subject youths to a continual rape in all spheres is a calamity and if urgent action fails to be taken, youths may be raped to death.

Now the alarm is high and the question of who will bail the youth out of a perpetual rape in the hands of malicious leaders is louder than ever.

The future they say belongs to the youths but in Nigeria, revise is the case.

Now, the thing is falling apart. There is no peace in the land while the rate of suicide increases every day. Yet a solution seems far from sight.

The major problems Nigeria faces emanated from youth marginalisation and deprivation.

Let's consider it from the political point of view using the recent list of ministerial nominees as a case study.

It's so sad and unfortunate to see the same old people that are responsible for our present predicament enlisted as ministers.

No one can point to a(single) youth in the ministerial list in a country where youths contribute about 75percent of her population. What a country!

Insecurity has eaten the country to the bone due to the high rate of unemployment.
Yet youths are considered lazy.

Cybercrime, kidnapping, prostitution and many social evils are the results of idle hands. Who knows the hell Nigeria would have turned to if the NPOWER (THE YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM )HAD NOT BEEN INITIATED.

The state of our dilapidated infrastructure has made ideas and business a mere waste of time.

Instead of engaging best hands with updated knowledge, rather they keep recycling outdated and exhausted fathers of the nation to compound the unbearable existing problems

What then do we say, youths are only good at carrying a gun as political thugs?

The same people that polluted the peaceful coexistence of our country due to selfish interest are also calling for war. Meanwhile, they cannot carry a gun but they believe (the fools) youths will defend them when the war eventually broke out... (youths refuse to be fooled) if we aren't good to be part of governance, we can't be good at war front too.

The same set of families ruling us coarsely for decades are still there today, check their names.

Youths, when are we taking the bull by the horn!

Now education appears to be a big scam. Technology is not useful in Nigeria. Living in here is little different from living in hell. But I am sure thing will not continue like this for a longer time again. A supernatural force will stop it from God and from patriotic youths.

This is a call on Government to fix things right before it's too late.

Also let all patriotic citizens of the Republic join the voice for a good change, not a slogan.

A special call to the media houses to stand up for a better Nigeria and support any call towards same.

Let the religious leaders, groups take this call up as a rescue mission.

It will be well with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.