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World Zimbabwean Man Catches His Wife Pants Down With Her 'Uncle' In Bed, Attempts Suicide [B-Metro]



IF you thought every man your partner or wife introduces to you as their relative is really a relative you might change your mind after reading this “super” story.

A man from Mberengwa Business Centre received the shock of his life when he walked on his wife allegedly Unclad and canoodling in bed with a man she had introduced to him as her maternal uncle.

The heartbroken man, Isaiah Zhou, reportedly attempted to commit suicide after he discovered that the man, Aleck Moyo,whom his wife Elizabeth Ndlovu had long introduced to him as her relative was infact her lover from her school days.

It is reported that on the day-Thursday last week- Zhou busted the two enjoying each other and viciously battered them with a stick.

Although all the parties were not available for comment by the time of going to print, a police source close to the incident said when Zhou stumbled upon his wife and Moyo busy between the sheets in their matrimonial bedroom he had returned home from work earlier than expected.