World Zimbabwean Pastor Eaten By Crocodiles While Trying To Walk On Water Like Jesus



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Pastor Jonathan Mthethwa, a Zimbabwean Pastor who tried to teach his congregation about faith by walking on water like Biblical Jesus got eaten by 3 crocodiles.

Zimbabwean Pastor Eaten By Crocodiles While Trying To Walk On Water Like Jesus.jpg

ZIMBABWE TODAY reports that the incident happened in the White River Mpumalanga .

Deacon Nkosi a church member who witnessed the sad incident said, “The pastor taught us about faith on Sunday last week. He promised he would demonstrate his faith to us today, but he unfortunately ended up drowning and getting eaten by 3 large crocodiles in front of us. We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week.”

sandra Chinasa

New Member
I like reading this kind news. Thank God he did not command one of the his gullible followers to demonstrate it. Probably he will stay three days in the belly of the crocodiles and then be vomited out to continue the demonstration.
This is a prove that all is vague, let those who have sound mind reflect and have a rethink. The pastor is not aware that the real modern "MIRACLE" is competing in buying private jets, alas is too late...