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donald trump news

  1. Nigeria World News

    World Bomb rips through wedding in Kabul – BBC News

    A bomb has exploded in a wedding hall in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing 63 people and wounding more than 180. Witnesses told the BBC a suicide bomber detonated explosives during a wedding ceremony... Read more via BBC News – https://ift.tt/2KDjnO0 Get more World News
  2. Nigeria World News

    World Trump postpones Florida trip in wake of shootings – Premium Times Nigeria

    U.S. President Donald Trump will postpone a trip to Florida planned for Tuesday due to the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio over the weekend, a White House official said on Monday.... Read more via Premium Times Nigeria – https://ift.tt/2yGyKyo Get more World News
  3. Nigeria Business News

    Business Domestic airlines protest against Emirates Airline operation in Nigeria – Nairametrics

    The additional flight given to Emirates Airline‘s operation in Nigeria has drawn criticism from stakeholders of the domestic aviation airlines. The new development didn’t go down well with the Airline Operators of Nigeria.... Read more via Nairametrics – https://ift.tt/33fOxSE Get more...
  4. Nigeria World News

    World Bitcoin Has ‘No Intrinsic Value,’ As U.K. ‘Moves Towards’ Crypto Ban – Forbes

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation has been pushed into the limelight over recent weeks, thanks to social media giant Facebook’s high profile plans to launch its own potential rival to bitcoin sometime next year..... Read more via Forbes – https://ift.tt/2K9gggg Get more World News
  5. Nigeria World News

    World Former US President Ronald Reagan called Africans in the UN ‘monkeys’, in newly unearthed tapes – Linda Ikeji’s Blog

    Former US President Ronald Reagan in a 1971 telephone call with then-President Richard Nixon described African delegates to the United Nations (UN) as "monkeys".... Read more via Linda Ikeji’s Blog – https://ift.tt/2K970ZL Get more World News
  6. Nigeria World News

    World No One Is Safe: How Saudi Arabia Makes Dissidents Disappear – Vanity Fair

    Prince Khaled bin Farhan al-Saud sat in one of the few safe locations he frequents in Düsseldorf and ordered each of us a cup of coffee. With his close-cropped goatee and..... Read more via Vanity Fair – https://ift.tt/2YtZCMq Get more World News
  7. Nigeria World News

    World Trump crashes wedding, prompting ‘USA’ chants – Newtelegraph

    US President Donald Trump made a guest appearance at a wedding at his Bedminster, NJ, golf resort on Saturday that left the bride and groom chanting... Read more via Newtelegraph – https://ift.tt/2JYsIy7 Get more World News
  8. Nigeria World News

    World US Rep Al-Green files impeachment notice against Trump – P.M. News

    US Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) on Tuesday filed articles of impeachment against President Trump under a process that will force a House floor vote by the end of this week..... Read more via P.M. News – https://ift.tt/2XKQk3k Get more World News
  9. Nigeria World News

    World ‘If you hate our country or if you are not happy here you can leave’ – Linda Ikeji’s Blog

    With the ongoing nationwide raids by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest and deport “thousands” of undocumented immigrants, President Donald Trump has said those who... Read more via Linda Ikeji’s Blog – https://ift.tt/2librYk Get more World News
  10. Nigeria World News

    World President Trump Is the Latest Critic of Facebook’s Libra – Wired

    Over the past two days, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has told members of both chambers of Congress that he has “many serious concerns” about Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency..... Read more via Wired – https://ift.tt/2XCJzjX Get more World News
  11. Nigeria World News

    World Donald Trump Reveals Plan To Deport Illegal Nigerian Migrants, Others In US – Naijaloaded

    United States President, Donald Trump, has approved the massive arrest of Nigerians and citizens of other countries who are illegally living in the country, beginning from.... Read more via Naijaloaded – https://ift.tt/2xGaBY3 Get more World News
  12. Nigeria World News

    World Court Of Appeal Bans President Trump From Blocking People On Twitter – RIGHT OR WRONG? – Naijaloaded

    Because Donald Trump uses his Twitter account for official purposes and creates a “public forum,” he can’t exclude people based on their views, the 2nd Circuit ruled...... Read more via Naijaloaded – https://ift.tt/2XEsMYL Get more World News
  13. Nigeria World News

    World Tweet ban on calling religions rats or maggots – BBC News

    Twitter is updating its hate-speech rules to ban posts that liken religious groups to rats, viruses or maggots, among other dehumanising terms. Over time, the ban would be extended to cover to some other groups, it said.... Read more via BBC News – https://ift.tt/30yfDTd Get more World News
  14. Nigeria Business News

    Business Oil rises amid Iran’s new nuclear threats – Reuters

    Oil prices firmed on Monday amid tensions over Iran’s nuclear program but gains were tempered by concerns about global economic growth and consequently oil demand... Read more via Reuters – https://ift.tt/2L8NnCM Get more: Nigeria Business News
  15. Nigeria World News

    World Soccer fans chant ‘F*** Trump!’ during live Fox News segment at bar in France after World Cup final – Daily Mail

    Rowdy soccer fans broke out into a 'F*** Trump' chant and raised their middle fingers during a live Fox News broadcast from a bar in France after the US Women's National Team defeated the Netherlands in the..... Read more via Daily Mail – https://ift.tt/2NNGitk Get more World News
  16. Nigeria World News

    World Billionaire Arrested On Sex Trafficking Charges In The US – Channels Television

    A hedge fund billionaire has been arrested on sex trafficking charges in the New York area, after having long been followed by accusations of molesting young girls, US media reported.... Read more via Channels Television – https://ift.tt/2XNAtjz Get more World News
  17. Nigeria World News

    World UK ambassador labels Trump administration ‘inept’ – BBC News

    The Trump administration has been labelled "inept", insecure and incompetent in leaked emails from the UK ambassador to Washington. Sir Kim Darroch said that the White House was "uniquely dysfunctional" and "divided" under Donald Trump.... Read more via BBC News – https://ift.tt/2YCJ71B Get...
  18. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Nigerian-Americans Rated Most Successful Group In U.S – Naijaloaded

    Nigerian-Americans are the most successful ethnic group in the United States, Candace Owens, a celebrity social commentator says. Owens is an American conservative commentator and political activist..... Read more via Naijaloaded – https://ift.tt/2XVNIPr Get More Nigeria Metro News
  19. Nigeria World News

    World Oil Prices may rebound as China and U.S. agree to restart trade talks – Nairametrics

    Oil prices may rebound next week following the decision by the United States of America and China to restart trade talks. Washington is expected to hold off new tariffs on Chinese... Read more via Nairametrics – https://ift.tt/2FFYMWy Get more World News
  20. Nigeria World News

    World Trump and Kim to meet shortly at the DMZ – BBC News

    Chinese state media have now reported the meeting. Xinhua news agency said "South Korean President Moon Jae-in joined Kim and Trump later, talking with each other with beaming smiles." Read more via BBC News – https://ift.tt/2FU0gwv Get more World News