frodd and esther

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    Entertainment Frodd says Esther is not a love interest... "they are not following each other on Instagram"(videos) - LIB

    It seems the "Froddster" ship won't be sailing following Frodd's comment of Esther "not being a love interest and having no situation with her" during his media tour with other finalists of the Big Brother Naija Reality Show. Frodd said he is all focused on his brand and also planning to give...
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    Entertainment BBNaija: Frodd strips for Esther, flashes his bare butt (video) - Linda Ikejis Blog

    Moving on from pulling off a birthday prank on Esther with Sir Dee and comforting her after she lost a task she was given by Biggie alongside her Cruisetopia group members, Frodd stripped for his love interest in the house this morning READ MORE