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hiv prevention

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    General Health PrEP Can Decrease the Odds of Getting HIV Through Sex by 99% – Prevention

    Up until 2012, there was only one way to protect yourself from acquiring the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) from sex: wearing condoms. While condoms are still a great preventive tool, there’s actually another incredibly effective method you can use to significantly decrease your chances of...
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    General Health Discovery: HIV Can Be Prevented After Unprotected Sex – Leadership Newspaper

    HIV-suppressing medication can make the AIDS virus “untransmittable,” even among couples who have sex without using condoms, new research showed, yesterday. The Europe-wide study monitored nearly 1,000 gay male couples over a period of eight years, where one partner was HIV-positive and...
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    General Health HIV PREVENTION: PrEP vs PEP – Vanguard News

    Transmission of HIV is possible through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, injection drug users and from mother to child, during labour, birth and breastfeeding. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is when people at very high risk for HIV take HIV medicines daily to lower their chances of …...