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    General Health Women share the dumbest things men have said to them about periods – Metro

    It’s easy for men to go most of their lives without having to think about female reproductive health. But if the bleak times we live in are anything to go by then it’s imperative they pay more attention to how the female body works. So one mum decided … Read more via Metro http://bit.ly/2QamHRS
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    General Health You could cut the calories in your rice in half with a simple trick, study says – Metro

    Rice can be the perfect accompaniment to many dishes – but it’s not exactly the healthiest choice. Scientists, however, are developing a way to cut the calorie content by half. A normal cup of rice contains around 240 calories but by adding a teaspoon of … Read more via Metro...
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    Sexual Health How mental health issues are preventing couples from having sex – Metro UK

    Unconsummated relationships, where couples don’t have sex due to difficulties, trauma or sexual dysfunction are not often spoken about. Usually, the couple feel embarrassed to discuss their sexual difficulties – but they are not alone. Read more via sexual health – Metro UK...
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    Sexual Health Here’s what to do if the condom breaks while you’re having sex – Metro

    Sometimes, it just happens. We’ve all been there – you’ve taken all the precautions but suddenly you feel a little snap mid-shag and the sex becomes slightly different. Has he moved position? Was it because you put your legs back further? What is this whole new experience? Hate to break it to...